Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Figure 111: S.D. Pasture Rents For 2005 and 2006

Clearly, pasture rental rates have increased in the last few years with the record calf prices. The source of this data was SDSU Ecoomics Section on the web. Posted by Picasa


Figure 110: U.S. Choice-Select Spread

The U.S. Choice-Select spread is very wide in 2006. This suggests we are short of choice cattle. I wonder why we can not produce more choice cattle? Posted by Picasa


Figure 109: USDA's July All-Cattle Inventory 1976-2006

 Posted by Picasa


Figur 108: Aug06 Breakeven 550 Lb Feeder Calf To Be Finished

Breakeven 550 lb Feeder Calf Projections Aug06 Posted by Picasa

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