Friday, March 25, 2005

Fall 2005 Planning Prices: I thought I had these prices posted as part of the "Yearlings On Grass Section" below but the chart is now missing. I have elected to publish it here as I can not move it down the page. This chart presents my latest Fall 2005 Planning Prices for all weights Of feeder steers. I tend to update this table (and many others) each quarter. Posted by Hello

2004 Yearlings On Grass In 2005- In the "Yearlings On Grass Section below," I thought I had my economic projections but I now see that the chart is missing. I am posting this one to take its place. Unfortunately, I can not move this chart down to that group of charts. Posted by Hello

Long-Run Cattle Feeding Profits: I have clients that are retaining their calf crops and trying to hit the typical April seasonal high market price. Tyically, they are early weaning their calves and going to the feedlot early as a management strategy for hitting the Seasonal April high. One has to now wornder, however, that as more and more cattlemen aim for the April seasonal high, could it be that the seasonal high is moving to March? I think so. While this chart does not take premiums into account, one has to ask if retaining calves targeted for the April market is the most profitable marketing strategy.
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Monday, March 14, 2005


Economics Of Running Steers On Grass in 2005

Spring Planning Prices: I am getting a lot of questions about running yearling on grass in 2005. This interest is triggered by the high profits generated from running yearling on grass in 2003 and to a less extent the relatively good profits generated with yearlings on grass in 2004.

I doubt that grass yearlings will be as profitable in 2005. This is becuase the price going on grass in the Spring of 2005 in going to be quite high. Never-the-less, I am posting my planning prices and a yearling-on-grass budget to this web site for review by ranchers.

Let's discuss your yearlings on grass plans. My cell phone is 701-238-9607 or via email I prefer the email option. Harlan Hughes; Western Edge Consulting; Laramie, Wy 82070.

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September 2005 Planning Prices: Depending on when you plan on selling your steers off grass in 2005, you might want to price your yearlings off grass with these Sept05 Planning Prices. If you keep your steers on grass longer, you might want to the Fall05 Planning prices in the next chart in this series. Posted by Hello

Fall05 Planning Prices: Depending on when you plan on selling your 2005 yearlings off grass, you might want to use these Fall05 Planning Prices to price your grass yearlings. Basically, this set of planning prices is for Oct 2005. Posted by Hello


Yearlings-On-Grass Budget

If you combine the 2005 Spring Planning Prices and the Fall05 Planning Prices into a budget for 2005 grass yearlings, you get the budget summarized in column 4 in the attached table.

There appears to be some profit potention in yearlings or grass in 2005.

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