Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Columns of this Calving Distribution Table shows the beef cow herd's performance by 21-day calving intervals. You can clearly see the impact of having more and more females calving in the 1st or 2nd 21-day interval has on average weaning weight. With multiple years of this table, you can see if the average calving interval for each age of females in greater than 365 days. Typically, the average calving interval of a herd is greater than 365 days. One key to increased pounds to sell at weaning is to move females' calving dates forward one 21-day calving interval. If a female calving in the 4th 21-day interval is moved up to the 3rd 21-day interval, this rancher can expect a 114 lb increase in lbs to sell. If a female calving in a 3rd 21-day calving interval is moved up one calving interval, this rancher can expect an additional 45 lbs to sell. If a 2nd interval female is moved up, this rancher can expect to have 68 more pounds to sell. These increased pounds to sell are very signficant in today' high calf prices!
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