Saturday, January 15, 2005


Production Efficiency Of 2004 IRM Herds

The first condition that a high-profit herd has to meet is having high production efficiency. Figure 1 presents some key production measures for my last 6 IRM herds analyzed. Non of these herds had herd performance records.

Of the 6 average production efficiency measures summarized above, only the average calf death loss of 5% met my suggested benchmark guidelines developed from North Dakota's CHAPS producers. I am hard pressed to understand why ranchers are so resistant to herd performance records. My strongest recommendation that I can give to these producers is to start a formal herd performance system that measures these production efficiency factors. You can not manage what you do not measure.

Calf Death Loss : calculated as percent of live calves born. Goal 5% or less.

Average weaning weight: Average weaning weight of all calves weaned. Goal should be above 500 lbs.

Days Cows on Calves: Average number of days calves were on the cows. Suggests that birth dates need to be recorded for each and every calf born. Suggest around 200 days.

Percent Calf Crop: Live calves weaned divided by number of females exposed to the bulls. Goal at 90% or better.

Weight Per Day Of Age: Weaning weight divided by age of calf in days. Is a good measure of the growthiness of the calves. Goal should be 2.8 and above.

Lbs Weaned Per Female Exposed: Total pounds of calf weaned divided by the number of females exposed to the bulls. Goal should be 500 + pounds. Posted by Hello

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